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If necessary, bring the balance of your tuition payment

A six-week class session is $80. Payments are refundable provided you cancel your reservation no later than one week prior to the first class date. Full refunds are available 14 days before the class starts. All but $15.00 is refundable if you cancel 24 hours before the class begins.

Once the class begins, there will be no refunds. If you reserve your place with a $40 deposit, the balance is due at the first class.


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The first day of class:

  1. Bring food treats and a baggy of pup’s regular dog food to lure/reward your dog! Suitable treats include: hot dogs cut into nickel-size pieces, cheese (mozzarella), thinly-sliced luncheon meat, and freeze-dried liver. Any aromatic, quick-to-eat treat will work.
  2. Bring your dog’s buckle collar & 6’ leash! A tight-fitting buckle collar and a 6’ leather or cotton web lead is preferable. (Nylon leashes limit control over dog). Leather leashes are available for purchase at the training site.
  3. Wear casual clothing and rubber-soled, flat shoes. No high-heeled shoes or sandals!
  4. Bring balance due of tuition if applicable.
  5. Hand in vaccination and fecal exam record.

Please observe these important rules:

  1. Bring your dog hungry! Skip the meal before class.
  2. Owner must clean up any accidents made by your dog, whether inside or outside of the training quarters. This must be done immediately! Clean up tools are available at the training quarters. Use the front yard as the exercise area for your dog to relieve itself.
  3. All family members are encouraged to attend and participate provided they work with the dog at home! Children 5 and older are welcome. They must be supervised and with their parents at all times for their own safety and as a courtesy to fellow classmates. Only dogs actively in training will be allowed in the building.
  4. If your dog appears ill at any time, or has fleas or parasites, keep him home until your veterinarian has ruled out any serious illness. You are encouraged to attend class even if your dog cannot.


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