Mary Mahnke

Mary Mahnke has been training dogs for over twenty years.

For Mary, training is a full-time job. She stays current on dog training theory and new, effective training equipment by continually attending seminars and subscribing to newsletters and magazines.

With initial instruction by Dr. Ian Dunbar, Mary has evolved her own style of family-oriented training based on positive reinforcement. Instructive reprimands are emphasized. Your puppy will learn what it should do ... not what it is not to do.

Courses are designed to teach families how to train their puppies to become happy, well-adjusted dogs prepared to face the future as life-long friends.

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The ideal time to start your puppy’s training is at age 8-18 weeks. This critical socialization period determines how he will feel and react to the world around him throughout his entire life.

Classes are offered from puppy kindergarten continuing through adolescence and adulthood. Training for older beginners is also available. Old dogs can learn new tricks!

The emphasis is on motivational, positive reinforcement for desired responses and behavior. We learn instructive reprimands, where the puppy learns what it should do, not just what it is not to do.

Here are some other advantages of P-U-P:

  1. Class Size is limited to allow for more individual attention
  2. Enclosed indoor training area, safe for on- and off-leash training
  3. Socialization with people and puppies of different breeds
  4. Homework Sheets and educational hand-outs to review at home
  5. The Entire Family, including children, is encouraged to attend and participate
  6. Obedience training with practical application for the home
  7. Temperament training - the most essential ingredient for a companion dog
  8. Fun for one and all, even a puppy party!

Mary is excited to share this program with you. Help your special friends put their best paws forward. Give them a chance to be all they can be!

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